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Marine Services

There are any number of services that you need to consider for your boat:


Here are some handy connections to vendors that many of our clients have used over the years, as well as general industry searches for common services.



Getting a marine survey on your boat is a critical element in the due diligence process, but it's also mandated by many insurance policies as well as financial institutions.  

We have experiences with a number of surveyors that specialize in high-performance boats; but, the decision is always up to the BUYER to select their surveyor.  Remember, the surveyor represents the BUYER, and owes his allegiance to the BUYER when reporting on the condition of the vessel.

There are typically 2 kinds of surveys we deal with:  Pre-Purcahse and Insurance/Finance required.  The pre-purchase survey also meets the needs for insurance and finance; but, your insurance may require subsequent surveys over time, typically associated with your renewals.  Also, most insurance and finance companies require certified surveyors from either SAMS or NAMS.  You can click on the links for SAMS or NAMS to find a certified surveyor in your area. 

NOTE: Many finance underwriters require a mechanical (power-train/generator) survey on vessels over 10-15 years old that would include compression testing and oil samples being taken and lab analyzed.



Marine Insurance is one of those services that has ongoing impact on your boating expenses, and it needs to properly protect you and the boat.  The insurance industry has caught up to the high performance industry for the most part, and they are keenly aware of the performance capabilities of today's boats, including the multi-engine outboard powered center consoles.  

Insurance companies are also generally interested in your boating experience, so be sure to take this into consideration, especially in the high performance boating market.  It's difficult to get coverage for a 100+ mph boat, and arguably would be irresponsible for an underwriter, unless you have prior experience in that kind of a boat.


So make sure that you provide them with 100% accurate information on your boat's power (specifically total horsepower) so that they properly categorize the boat.  They base their coverage upon the information that you provide, and typically require a survey in order to bind coverage, and certainly will on a vessel 10+ years old.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT to pursue your insurance early in the purchase process to ensure the ability to secure insurance on the boat prior to your "acceptance".  Your purchase agreement will typically state that: "IT IS THE BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN ANY ASSURANCES HE REQUIRES REGARDING THE AVAILABILITY OF SATISFACTORY FINANCING AND INSURANCE PRIOR TO THE ACCEPTANCE DATE", or similar language.

There are a number of agents out there that can shop coverage for you, and it is surely possible that if you have an insurance agent that you trust, they may well be able to get you properly covered; but, it is our experience that specialized marine insurance agents have access to the best marine programs, especially for the higher performance applications.


Here are a few of the agencies that our clients have used:

Total Dollar Insurance
Buzz Fyhrie or  Frenil Vayalumkal


Wozencraft Insurance Agency

Devin Wozencraft




Finance is a function of credit score, debt ratio, and largely relationship, meaning that if you have a good relationship with your own finance company or credit union, they are often a great choice for your financing needs.

We also work with a few other financial groups that specialize in marine financing, with terms up to 20-years with very competitive rates for qualified buyers.

We can help with the necessary sales documents required for your application process, as well as complete title and documentation services for the finance company upon closing.


Here are a few of the finance agencies that our clients have used:

Newcoast Financial

Joey Gottfried


Sterling Associates

Phill Hawkins


America First Credit Union


Diverse Offerings Finance

Jody Hamilton




In South Florida, we know about transporting boats, especially with our seasonal clients that have residency in the Northeast in the summer, and in the Sunshine State for the winter months.

Transport can be arranged for in-state, interstate, cross country, or international shipping.

It is important to insure that your transporter is experienced and bonded, as well as to inform your insurance carrier of the transport and change of location during the seasons.


Here are a few of the transport companies that our clients have used:

Full Throttle Transport 
Jason Farris 

Joule Yacht Transport


Legend Yacht Transport


Marine Transport, LLC

 Dave Barrett

 772-263-2462- Cell



Luxury Boat Transport

Outlaw Transport
Jeff Murray

Peters and May - (International)


847-437-2824 - Fax

Cross Charter Yacht Sales

Vic Spellberg



Documentation Service:

On larger vessels, higher priced vessels, and often financed vessels, you will want to have the vessel USCG documented.

This process registers the vessel with the USCG, and the document provided ultimately becomes the title document for the vessel.

Finance companies like USCG documentation as a more secure manner of securing the title of the vessel, and recording liens.  It is also a process that has international benefits as well.

We typically use the Coralie Robins Vessel Documentation service for USCG documentation, and FL registration.  If Documentation is listed on your closing documents, to be initiated by Sunset Boats, they will likely be your contact.  If your finance company is processing this element, they can advise whom they are using.

It is important to note that the USCG Documentation process is done through the Department of Homeland Security and the US Coast Guard.  This process is subject to the timing of that department, and often takes months to complete. 


If your boat is being USCG Documented, you should receive a confirmation letter from the documentation service that you should keep on your boat, along with a copy of the bill of sale, until you receive your document from the USCG and your registration from your state, if applicable.  (Many states will not issue a state registration until the documentation process is completed since the USCG document is ultimately your "title" for the vessel.)

Coralie Robins Vessel Documentation, Inc. 

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