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Manufacturing & Rigging Services

​​Sunset Boats, through the parent company LTT Motorsports, provides engineering, rigging and manufacturing services for builders, including Powerboat P1 USA.  These services include design engineering, as well as detailed build book production which outlines all processes, procedures, and materials needed to properly build the boat to the outlined specifications, as well as detailed Owner's Manuals.

Build Book Graphic 2.jpg

One of our most significant projects involves Powerboat P1 USA in the re-design of their 28’ Panther race boats, from an open cockpit configuration to an enclosed canopy configuration.  LTT Motorsports developed the rigging design engineering of the new boats, and managed the assembly process for the Orlando/London based operation.


P1 28 Panther SS Open


P1 28 Panther SS Canopy

LTT Motorsports continues to provide these consulting services, and we welcome the opportunity to develop a plan to help you get your boat manufacturing systems optimized and properly documented.

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